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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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in it, one must consider you other Florentines as country gentlemen.    Tell our dear Miny, that when he unfolds the enchanted  carpet,  which his brother the wise Galfridus sends him, he will find all the kingdoms of the earth portrayed in it.    In short, as much history as was described on the ever-memorable and wonderful piece of silk, which the puissant "White Cat6 inclosed in a nut-shell, and presented to her paramour Prince.    In short, in this carpet, which (filberds being out of season) I was reduced to pack up in a walnut, he will find the following immense library of political lore: Magazines for October, November, December; with an Appendix for the year 1741; all the Magazines for 1742, bound in one volume; and nine Magazines for   1743 ;    the  Life of  King Theodore,  a  certain fairy monarch; with the Adventures of this Prince and  the fair Eepublic   of  G-enoa;   the Miscellaneous Thoughts   of the   fairy   Hervey6;   the   Question   Stated;    Case   of the Hanover Troops; and the Vindication of the Case; Faction Detected; Congratulatory Letter to Lord Sath; the Mysterious Congress; and four Old England Journals.    Tell Mr. Mann, or Mr. Mann tell himself, that I would send him nothing but this enchanted carpet, which he can't pretend to return. I will   accept  nothing under enchantment.   Adieu   all! Continue to love
134.   To HOEACE MANN.
London, Nov. 17,1743.
I WOULD not write on Monday till I could tell you the King was come.    He arrived at St. James's between five
8 See the story of the White Oat in the fairy tales.    Walpole.
6  Lord    Kerrey's    Miscellaneous
Thoughts on the Present Posture of Affairs (1742).